The FS Energy Aggregation Purchasing Program offers an opportunity to lower a building's annual energy spend. In most cases, savings from this program will range between 9-17% percent of total natural gas and electric bills, depending on usage. For a typical property, that means an annual savings between $1,700 and $28,000.
Aggregation is the process through which energy is sold to consumers who have joined together as a group to buy a product – in this case, electric or natural gas.
Utilities such as Con Edison and National Grid encourage customers to compare prices when shopping for energy. Energy bills consist of supply and delivery charges. Customers pay for supply from an Energy Service Company (ESCO) and delivery from the utility.
Utilities and ESCOs shop for energy in the marketplace, and prices vary from
month-to-month based on supply and demand. If you sign up with an ESCO
for your energy supply, your utility will continue to deliver electricity and gas to your building,
safely and reliably, at delivery rates regulated by the NYSPSC). However, because the utility
must provide you with supply if you can't find a supplier, the utility is not concerned with
savings – since it can pass through all costs to the customer.
By purchasing large blocks of energy, aggregated groups often have the advantage of being able to negotiate discounts on energy prices. Properties that are part of an aggregated group remain customers of their natural gas or electric utility company.
The new energy supplier and rate will appear on the utility bill (a dual bill also is available).
Similar to electric aggregation, if customers choose a new natural gas supplier, the local gas utility company will continue to deliver the gas to your building; read the meters; assist with billing; and respond to emergencies. If a customer remains with the local gas company, that company will continue to supply the gas.
Energy aggregation allows FS Energy to give our customers additionalelectric and natural gas choices.
As you consider the possibility of achieving savings for your property, we encourage you to read the
Frequently Asked Questions and contact FS Energy with any questions.
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